Journey to one of the most mysterious places on the planet - the Gobi desert. One of the largest graveyards of dinosaurs on the Earth and endless Mongolian steppes will hit anyone's fancy.

Cloaked in myths and legends of the ancient Scythians and nomads. Experience that you will never forget, and you will inevitably love the wild and primeval nature of Altai.

A 8-day journey through a primeval Asian country. Meeting the nomadic population of Mongolia. Master classes by a professional photographer of the “Ex-Pro Team”.

A journey to the mountain glacier Ak-Tru and the largest mountain lake of Altai. The majestic glacier Ak-Tru will salute you and the journey will end by visiting lake Teletskoye.

Boundless steppes that fall in the gorge of the river at the bottom of the canyon, nomadic Khyargas lake, sand dunes, fishing and much more is waiting for us in nine-day trip at the Great Lakes basin.

Hundreds of kilometers away from tired city reigns untouched nature and, of course, there is a splashing taimen in the river. Do you want to catch the biggest representative of salmons? Join the Taimen fishing in Mongolia tour now.

A trip to distinctive Mongolia, ancient land of Genghis Khan, yurts and steppes with the Ex-Pro team guarantees you the extreme sport, a lot of impressions and a delightful fishing in the grayling fishing in Mongolia tour

Visiting Mongolia in winter - is a reality! Catching trophy grayling in winter - is a dream ... feasible dream!!!

Mongolia - is one of the pristine and primeval countries on our planet. Few people know and, even guess that the journey to Mongolia in winter – is an actual reality!

Ex-pro team offers to look at the travelling from a completely different angle. No limits, complete freedom of actions and completely new recreation opportunities, which you could only dream of! Just open the map and show us what you want to see.

If you want to visit the mysterious Mongolia, if the preparing of your car allows you to travel independently, if you do not want to give up your comfort, or simply do not have a suitable company - our team offers the option of accompaniment for you.