The Gobi Desert. Dinosaur graveyard

Days: 17

The Gobi Desert is fascinating place filled with enigmas and mysteries. Scientists and researchers from all around the world still keep their eyes on it and always searching for something there. In Mongolia there exists a legend that says, that somewhere in The Gobi Desert's sands there is a lost entrance to the mystical valley of the Dinosaurs. Perhaps, many curious researchers are trying to discover this very place. But nobody managed to do it yet.

You have a unique opportunity! Take your camera and follow us. Ex-pro team will show you how excellent The Mongolian Gobi desert is. A true two-week photo tour is waiting for us: breathtaking mountain lakes, buttes of cretaceous period, a bright red canyon, entire graveyard of dinosaurs, a national festival Naadam and hospitable yurts. This is unforgettable and will forever remain in your memory, in your soul and in your photographs. We have planned your route very carefully to fill it with the most notable places throughout the Mongolia. You will see the natural boundary of Hermen Tzav, Nemeget cavity, Hongoryn Els "singing sands", the Bayanzag dinosaur graveyard, the capital of Mongolia – Ulan Bator with its famous surroundings (the statue of Genghis Khan – Genghis Haany Mort), stone statues of dinosaurs, we will show you the Turtle rock, and a Buddhist temple Aryapala. After that we will travel to Lake Baikal, then return to Barnaul.

1 day.

Straight forward along the Chuysky Trakt.

Today we begin our photo tour by specifically prepared off-road vehicles. We leave from Barnaul and set forward – 700 km along Chuysky Trakt. Prepare you cameras – on the way over we will meet the gloomy Seminsky pass, cliffed smooth bohms and Chike-Taman zigzags. Here your first shots are guaranteed. 50 km before reaching the border we will spend a night at the Kosh-Agach hotel.

2 day.

First meeting.

Early in the morning we get up and drive to the Russian-Mongolian border. After passing the border we find ourselves in Bayan-Ulgii. This picturesque Mongolian town is friendly and hospitable. Here we change rubles to tugrics and replenish our stocks. Also, we will try local cuisine in Arvin restaurant. Today is an easy day - all the time is passing on the road with an asphalt surface. There is 250 km left to Khovd town. We will see with our own eyes the Khovd river, Lake Tolbo-Noor, Burat Hoshat passes, vertexes of Tsambagarav array, real eagles and, moreover feel the peculiarities of local hotels. There is a possible excursion to the Datsan in Khovd town. Othernight stop is at the Khovd hotel.

3 day.

Roads and direction of Mongolia.

Today is the long day of moving to the same name city Altai. But first of all we will drive to the "Big high-boot" monument, which is located in the center of Khovd. Magic dinner conversation at the table will continue until late at night.

4 day.

Big high-boot.

Today is a long crossing to the Mongolian Altai, but first'll pick the monument to the "Big Boots", which is located in the center of Khovd We support free, on behalf of the mosquitoes, so that, without reducing the pace and with a minimum number of stops moving to the appointed place. At the sunset we arrive in the city and move into the hotel. Tomorrow the long-awaited and unforgettable meeting with the Gobi Desert is waiting for us.

5 day.

Meeting with the Gobi Desert.

True and scorched, incredibly interesting and diverse, these all is about the Gobi desert. We are moving to the Shinejinst village. Due to its geographical location, this village is a true gateway to the desert. Along the way we will meet the colourful yurts and kind inhabitants. We will set our tent camp in Shinejinst. Near the evening campfire we will discuss the use of additional equipment for shooting. Overnight stop is in the tents.

6 day.

Dinosaur graveyard.

We drive out of the village early in the morning. Today we will overcome one more pass, but we will be rewarded. After coming down from the pass, we get into the heart of the Gobi Desert. There is heat, hot sand and very rare haloxylon. Are you ready for the desert drought? But do not worry, because a real oasis is waiting for us along the way. In the evening we will set the camp in a shady and protected Hermen Tzav canyon. 

7 day.

The most hard-to-get place in the Gobi.

Hermen Tzav canyon is surrounded by majestic barkhans, scarp slopes, and columns of sandstone, weathered in bizarre shapes, which have been observed by tamarisks for many years. This natural boundary is one of the most hard-to-get areas in Gobi. That's why Hermen translated from Mongolian means a hermit. As a result of weathering there were formed such relief elements as stone-sand columns. The view is amazing. There are different types of columns: small, large and giant, when approaching to it. There is a viewing platform. This day is dedicated only to it. Overnight stop is in the tents.

8 day.

Singing sands.

Our journey continues. Along the way we will visit the place of rock engravings. The famous sand barkhans Hongoryn Els ("light-red sands"), also known as "singing sands" – that is our goal for today. At sunrise and sunset the sand dunes are illuminated by golden light and mysterious melodies can be heard over the whole territory. All this is explained by scientists as a constant movement of sands. But it is still unknown how it happens. Fans of extreme sports today can use a unique opportunity to ride on a real sand dune using skiing and snowboarding.

9 day.


Talking sand "Good-bye" and go on. Our goal for today, visit the gorge Elyn Am, it is located in the eastern mountains Dzun-Saihan-Nur In these places, due to the proximity to the Gobi desert, very little rain falls However, in the depth of the tract Elyn Am can be found ice.

Will spend the night not far from this place.

10 day.

Next to the capital

Breakfast. We have patience and hit the road Today, we need to overcome a considerable distance in order that the next day would shine descendants of Genghis Khan's capital and its outskirts are not less interesting The camp today will be installed in 30 km from Ulaanbaatar.

11 day.

The capital of Mongolia.

In the morning we will take a trip again. Today we will find ourselves in Ulan-Bator - the capital of Mongolia. We will go to buy some memorable souvenirs in the shops. After having a lunch in the restaurant we will go to Dinosaur Museum. Then, we leave the walls of the museums with great delight and go to the largest monument of Genghis Khan in Mongolia. It is the biggest statue of horse rider in the world (34 meters). We will spend a night in an abandoned camp of the Gorkhi-Terelj National Park. Overnight stop is in the tents.

12 day.

The border.

Today is our leaving of mysterious country, called Mongolia. An asphalt road is joyful and kilometrage is not small – 500 km. And here is familiar natural scenery: the mountains with abundant vegetation, lakes, rivers and fields. Then, there will be setting a camp on the Lake Gusinoye.

13 day.

Baikal Taiga side.

Our mission does not lose pace. Today, in place of boring 350 km of asphalt and traffic jams in the city of Ulan-Ude we will pass the mountains nearby to the lake and find ourselves on the bank of the legendary Lake Baikal. This day we will enjoy the variety of our journey's contrasts and, also will appreciate the greatness of Baikal taiga.

14 day.

Lake Baikal.

Omul, beer and endless water surface are basic words of this day. No movement and no cars, the whole day we will spend on the shore of Lake Baikal. It is unbelievable that 5 days ago we were in a real desert.

15 day.

The way home.

Today is the saddest part of our trip. Dry Mongolian air and humid breeze of Lake Baikal are already over. Soon we will return to the city routine and boring offices, but vivid memories in our hearts and in the photographs will paint gray winter evenings.

Days: 17 (1 day free dnёvka at will of tourists, day 1 - force - majeure)

Dates of the tour are on request.


The cost of the trip includes:

  • All transformational costs on the route;
  • Meeting at the airport/ railway station in Barnaul;
  • Provision of the necessary equipment (mats, sleeping bags, tents, dishes);
  • Three meals daily in the journey;
  • Guide and instructor services;
  • Accident insurance;
  • Satellite Communications ;
  • The group first aid kit.

Additional services (not included in the tour price):

  • Meeting at the airport in Novosibirsk;
  • Accommodation in a hotel in Barnaul;
  • The costs associated with the purchase of souvenirs;
  • Alcoholic drinks.


Traveling does not require any special training or additional skills.

But if you have a serious illness, it is necessary to notify at the time of filing the request.


In group and individual applications are possible any day of arrival.

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