Altai. Aktru – Lake Teletskoye

Days: 9

Dates of the tour are on request.


Altai is endless expanses and magnificent landscapes. It is an exclusive opportunity to sharpen the skills to take the picture and to bring home exclusive pictures because the pictures, taken on travel, always are filled with rich memoirs and are especially valuable to the photographer. 

Take a camera and get together with a team of Ex -Pro Photo Tour in the most memorable . What are you waiting for ? 2,300 kilometers surmounted way , the mass of the most positive experiences!

So, everything in a row:

1 day.

An unforgettable sunset.

Early in the morning our team leaves Barnaul. We will see beautiful Chuysky trakt. And in the evening we will enjoy the North Chuysky Ridge from our tents, arranged in Kurai steppe. Today your portfolio of photographer-traveler can be replenished with wonderful photos of the sunset.

2 day.

The Aktru and master classes.

To learn how to take pictures, to choose the right color and build composition – are the tasks of the second day. Such beauty cannot be bad to photograph - it will not forgive this. Stunning glaciers of large and small Aktru, magnificent mountains will remain in your photographs and hearts. Who are glaciologists? ... You can answer this question today, because today we can glance in their hut. Moreover, we will make a breathtaking ascent to the largest glacier of the North-Chuya ridge. Are you scared? However it is terribly interesting! Stunning and beautiful Blue Lake and unforgettable open spaces - rich Altai has prepared us a lot of surprises! Hot Russian sauna in the evening will relax you and add strengths for the next busy day.

3 day.

Grayling and 9 loops of Katu-Yaryk.

9 loops of mountain serpentine – are you ready for this adventure? All this is Katu-Yaryk pass – a picturesque place of Altai. Right below us will be Chulyshman Valley. Here we will practice our skills of panoramic shooting. And in the evening we will go fishing for grayling and lenok in the picturesque confluence of rivers Bashkaus and Chebdar.

4 day.

Have you heard of the stone mushrooms?

This day is rich in adventures! Delightful cascading waterfall Uchar – is the most unapproachable and large in the Altai. We will get really close to it! The deafening roar of falling water is fascinating. In this area nature has been creating stone mushrooms for hundred years. On which we will train to do portrait photos and build a composition. Before sleep we will have a hot bathing and evening fishing of a delicious fish.

5 day.

The Kyrsay Cape.

Today we will get to the Kyrsay Cape, after overcoming the beautiful Chulyshman Valley. Here, on the warm sand spit of the southern shore of Lake Teletskoye we will set our camp. Let's analyze "the rules of the golden section" and practice its application. This another day will end by Russian sauna, fire and a fresh catch of fish.

6 day.

Voyage on the boat.

Teletskoye Lake is like a magnet, it attracts you it is simply impossible to refuse from an unforgettable boat trip. 70 kilometers across the open lake – it is a bright and unforgettable journey. We will stop near the waterfall at the foot of Corbu to take some pictures.

7 day.

And we are moving again.

We will go back through Teletskoye Lake – Katu-Yaryk pass – Ulagan village – Ulagansky pass – Aktas village – Chuya river (the "Burevestnik" rapid). Farewell big fire and festive dinner (there is a possibility of changing the route on the request of the group, including the crossing to the northern coast of Lake Teletskoye, to the Artybash village).

8 day.

The way home.

It seems that so many things we have seen and took with the help of the camera, but the time goes so quickly. And today we have a way home. In a warm and friendly company we will discuss the whole week spent together. And who knows, maybe we will gather again?

Days: 9 (1 day free at leisure dnёvka optional)

Price: 59 000 rubles for 1 person.


The cost of the trip includes:

  • All transformational costs on the route;
  • Meeting at the airport/ railway station in Barnaul;
  • Provision of the necessary equipment (mats, sleeping bags, tents, dishes);
  • Three meals daily in the journey;
  • Guide and instructor services;
  • Accident insurance;
  • Satellite Communications ;
  • The group first aid kit.

Additional services (not included in the tour price):

  • Meeting at the airport in Novosibirsk;
  • Accommodation in a hotel in Barnaul;
  • The costs associated with the purchase of souvenirs;
  • Alcoholic drinks.


Traveling does not require any special training or additional skills.

But if you have a serious illness, it is necessary to notify at the time of filing the request.


In group and individual applications are possible any day of arrival.
Recommend travel "The Great Lakes basin" (8 days).


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