Winter fishing in Mongolia

Days: 9

1 day.

On your marks...

Today is the first day of our trip. Traditional winter leaving at 6:00 o'clock and here, in a few hours we will have breakfast in legendary Srostki village - the home of V.M. Shukshin. The first mountains and hills will not take us long to wait. The way road to the dinner, which is scheduled at the Seminsky pass, will fly by. After a hearty meal in the format of "Buffet" - the beauty of the Altai Mountains will show up before you. Unfortunately, in the winter time, daylight hours are not long, so we arrive to the place of spending the night at deep night, and today it is a hotel in Kosh-Agach village.

2 day.

Meeting with Mongolia.

Breakfast at 7:00. The day today starts with this positive note. In 2 hours we will fall into the arms of the border crossing "Tashanta" where we will spend a few hours in the format "show - present." And here it is, the long-awaited winter Mongolia. 90 km of introductory way to the of Bayan-Ulgii, lunch with the national colors, which fluently passes into dinner, the control checking and preparation of the gear ...

3 day.

The long-awaited lake.

The day begins in the dark, it is understandable - 140 km of heavy and not so heavy off-road require a considerable amount of time. But today it will be the first fishing; it is today will be held the first bite, the first catch!!! Night fishing enthusiasts can please themselves in the dark.

4 day.

Battle reconnaissance.

Every fisherman knows: "no gain without pain." That is characterized today's day. The study of fish behavior, its mood, as well as depths, water area and the effectiveness of the bait – all these will all be exactly today. Evening dinner, heated discussions around the table, sharing daily experiences will be the logical culmination of one of the brightest days of the trip.

5 day.

Straight for the trophy.

The fishing experience, the method of «veer out – lash» and «strike – throwback», chaotic ice drilling and much more - today an absolute reality. In other words speaking, all means are good to catch this trophy!!!

6 day.

Sport fishing.

Fishing by the formula "caught – let go" has a certain philosophy which can be understand not by many people and not at once, but today is the time when everyone are on the same wave. Today the catch is not important but the process itself.

7 day.


Unfortunately, everything has its logical conclusion. Our trip is not an exception. In the morning we have gathering and packaging of our stuff. In a word - "pull up stakes." Today our goal - is to get to the Bayan - Ulgii.

8 day.

Goodbye - Mongolia ...

This day differ from previous ones: we calmly packing stuff to the car and go for the Mongolian souvenirs in stores of Bayan-Ulgii. In conclusion we have dinner in national style in the local restaurant. After a few hours we will be on the territory of Russia. We do not say farewell, we say "Goodbye."

9 day.

Being a guest is good, but being at home is better.

The route of today - this is an extreme day of our fishing expedition. The storm of emotions, impressions and, of course, a good mood accompanies us on this day. And who knows, maybe we will again find ourselves together and go on a new adventure again

Days: 9

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The cost of the trip includes:

  • All transformational costs on the route;
  • Meeting at the airport/ railway station in Barnaul;
  • Permits and passes to the National Park;
  • Permits and passes to the border zone;
  • Provision of the necessary equipment (mats, sleeping bags, tents, dishes);
  • Three meals daily in the journey;
  • Guide and instructor services;
  • Accident insurance;
  • Satellite Communications ;
  • The group first aid kit.


Additional services (not included in the tour price):

  • Meeting at the airport in Novosibirsk;
  • Accommodation in a hotel in Barnaul;
  • Pusrchase of an additional fishing equipment and takcles;
  • The costs associated with the purchase of souvenirs;
  • Alcoholic drinks.


Traveling does not require any special training or additional skills.

But if you have a serious illness, it is necessary to notify at the time of filing the request.


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